Imperial Metals AGM: Call for Solidarity!

A coalition of indigenous land defenders and allies — Ancestral Pride, Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society, and No One Is Illegal, Vancouver – Coast Salish Territories — have put out a call to action against Imperial Metals at their Annual General Meeting on Friday, May 27. The Imperial No More movement will converge on the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC to call for an end to all Imperial Metals’ mining operations taking place across the unceded indigenous land of the Ahousaht, Secwepemc, Wet’suwet’en, Tlaoquiaht and Tahltan First Nations.

Imperial Metals is more than the sum of their mining operations. It is a publicly traded corporation that is backed by multinational financial behemoths all over the world. Imperial Metals’ shareholders have offices  all across so-called Canada and the United States.

So this is a call to solidarity. Stand with the indigenous nations of this land and continent and fight back against the destruction of the land and all life. Protest Imperial Metals’ shareholders across the country during the weekend of May 27 and beyond.

You can find a list of Imperials’ shareholders here. For a complete list of additional office locations, please see the list of satellite locations. Imperial Metals has also partnered with the Japanese mining companies Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co. Ltd. and Itochu Corporation for the Ruddock Creek project. Both Mitsui and Itochu have offices across North America (Turtle Island).

For protests, use slogans such as Stop Imperial Metals, Imperial No More, Stop Mt. Polley, Solidarity with the Secwepemc, Solidarity with the Ahousaht, Respect Indigenous Sovereignty, and No Mining on Native Land. Please send pictures and write ups!

Support and defend the protocols and inherent rights and title of the Ahousaht, Secwepemc, Wetsuweten, Tlaoquiaht and Tahltan First Nations! Solidarity against Imperial Metals! #ImperialNoMore

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